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JUBRAM can undertake anything from small renovation and improvement projects to equipping new acquisitions from scratch with soft furnishings, appliances, bed linen, toiletries, tableware and much more. Once established a full property inventory can be prepared.

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JUBRAM will organise and equip the property for new arrivals as needed. We also supply exquisite flower arrangements and a selection of exclusive specialised wines and spirits, such as cachacas and sakes, as well as organic bio wines.



JUBRAM can assist in the recruitment and training of staff as needed.

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Whether it is a full day experience or a simple lunch or dinner, JUBRAM offers exceptional Brazilian entertainment including typical food, barbecues and dancers to match, or Japanese banquets made by a twice world champion chef and his team.

In addition to our specialties, our 5-star chefs can offer a fantastic brunch, lunch or dinner, covering gastronomic dishes from around the world, such as: Italian, French,​ ​Indian, Japanese, South​ ​American…



JUBRAM offers a range of concierge and property management services, including::

  • Preparing the property and estate (as appropriate) for new arrivals;

  • Making restaurant reservations, hotel and spa bookings;

  • Organising transport arrangements – airport transfers, taxis, limousines, airline reservations, boats etc.;

  • Tickets for special events;

  • Recommendations on local attractions, sporting facilities and nightlife on request;

  • Sending/receiving parcels and courier deliveries;

  • Comprehensive regular checks to ensure security during owner absences.

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Working with Beto Martins Design, JUBRAM can meet all your design needs, for instance the creation of a logo for your property and production of materials to support it such as business cards, stationery, flyers and handouts.


As a finishing touch, our design services can prepare and produce commemorative coffee table books for your property and bespoke designs for your decorative linen, including tablecloths and napkins, decorative bed linen etc.

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